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When on Vancouver Island, BC (Victoria, BC) you must visit the Butchart Gardens. Photos just don't do it justice but I try anyway. July, 2004
Two weeks of vacation the end of July 2004 and begining of August 2004. We got to visit Vancouver, WA, Port Angeles, Victoria, BC, Lake Pend Oreille ID, and the Oregon Coast. Oh, and we got to see everyone as well. My Sister Katie and her Husband Hugh were gracious enough to let us use their cottage at Port Angeles and invite us all to their lake house in Idaho.
Vacation to Southern California coast - Cambria and Santa Barbara area Feb 2004. It was cloudy and overcast most of the time.

April 2003 - Here Today - Gone To Maui.

Mark Twain once said, "I went for a week on Maui and stayed five."

Einstein should have said, "A day at work seems like a week. A week on Maui seems like a day. That's relativity."

Our Vacation pictures to Sunriver, Oregon and the 2001 Karcher Reunion at Deer Lake outside Spokane, Washington, August 2001. This is a large file so be patient.

Our travel log of our vacation to the Grand Caymon Island, January 21-30, 2000

A picture of the 1997 Karcher Reunion.
Christmas 2002

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