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Family Photos. Click for some photos of the family over the past several years.

Vacation and Travel Logs

This newer vacations link isn't back up and running yet - I'm working on it so check back later. 9/18/2012. Older vacation link is OK. Vacations and Travel Logs Photos of past Vacations.

Click this Link to go to vacations from 2004 and before which are in an older display format.

Interactive map of where we've been

John's Photos

John's Web site -- Photos of him at home, work and Cal Poly, Pomona -

John! You need to update your website design and put up more current photos dude.

Christy's Photos

This link isn't back up and running yet - I'm working on it so check back later. 9/18/2012

Christy's Travels and other Photo's such as her trip to Europe and semester abroad and other photos.

Our Family Tree

I believe this is up and running again. If you encounter a problemm, please let me know. RGK 9/23/2012.

Genealogy - FAMILY TREE. Graphical and text descriptions of my ancestors and other related family branches. This site is always UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Roots have been traced back to the Puritan's and their ancestors in England, the Karchers in Germany and the Molitors in Luxembourg.

Dad at age 1 A picture of Bob's Father (Papa John) when he was about 1 year old in Olalla Washington, circa 1915. That's a Cornflakes box on his head and he's holding a hoe or rake for balance.

Click here for a photo of the Olalla school circa 1891 - 1895. If anyone can tell me more info about the school photo I would love to hear.

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