Karcher Family CrestBaby Papa John circa 1915Karcher Family Crest

I have collected information on my family, both direct and extended and put them in a database for presentation on my website. Some have notes and stories attached.

Unfortunately, placing this type of information indicrimitaly on the web is not safe and I'll only let those I trust through with the correct name and password. Therefore, please contact me if you are directly related to me and wish to view my information.

In the mean time, Ancestry.com is a great sourse of information and offers a 14 day trial memebership. If you have an account there you can look up my tree online there. Ancestry.com genealogy pages are continually updated. The rootsweb.com genealogy pages may be slightly out of date depending on when the file was last uploaded.

If you have received from me a user name and password for my personal genealogy pages, welcome and proceed here.

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